Hey Look, A Dog With a Fluffy Tail!

President Big Baby’s latest tantrum includes a loud threat to shut down the government if he doesn’t get America to fund his asinine, waste of billions wall. Hey, wait a minute, didn’t he promise that Mexico will pay for it? Fake news!

Will he succeed in shutting down the government? Probably not. Did he succeed in pulling his numerous schemes, embarrassments and possible crimes off the front pages for a few days? Absolutely.

Let us check off the ways President Three Card Monte masterfully distracted the rubes this week with his “Look, I’m Burning Down Your House–Only kidding!” strategy:

Did it distract from Michael Cohen’s statement that the president knew in advance about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians? Yes!

Did it distract from the continuing fallout from the Putin Puppet Show in Helsinki? Yes!

Did it distract from the fact that the North Koreans continue to merrily build their nuclear arsenal after getting the concessions and respectability they sought from President Sucker? Yes!

Did it distract from American farmers’ outrage about getting screwed by the unnecessary trade war Trump started__and the U.S. taxpayers’ outrage as Trump tried to buy the farmers off with $12 billion of our money? Yes!

Did it distract from the Paul (“Benedict Arnold”) Manafort trial? Yes!

Did it distract from President Panicky’s impulsive, obstruction of justice demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions step in front of the freight train Mueller investigation and stop it cold, after Sessions recused himself from the investigation over a year ago? Yes!

The president must think we’re pretty stupid, huh?

Is he right? Yes? No?

We’ll find out in November.

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  1. Robin Rice says:

    I like the “Look I’m burning down your house!” analogy — only IQ45 would say, “I called the fire department. Look at me. I saved your house. I’m a hero. I’m the greatest.” (After setting the fire himself of course.)

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