Summer 2018: Beach, Barbeques and Bias?

At a neighborhood pool, on the Fourth of July, 2018, a white man called the cops on an African-American woman for swimming while black.

Not quite, says the man, pool chairman Adam Bloom of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She didn’t have an ID card, Bloom insists. Only residents of the neighborhood may use the pool.

But Jasmine Abhulimen is a resident. “Where does it say I have to show an ID to use my pool?” she posted in a Facebook video. When the cops came, they agreed with her. On the bright side, Bloom is no longer pool chairman.

An ugly incident involving “The View” host Sunny Hostin also took place during the Fourth holiday in Sag Harbor. “Some kids, about 20 of them, ran in front of our home and starting yelling racial slurs at us . . . saying this is our holiday,” she says. They broke her family’s paddleboard, and “were kind of violent.”

At the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania, the police were recently called on five middle-aged African-American women for playing too slowly. The women say that wasn’t the case.

But they are African-American — and women. At Grandview, seems that’s a double bogey.

No, these people did not look like gangsters. A woman taking her son swimming in the neighborhood pool. A TV host and her family renting a beachfront home. A group of women in their 50s enjoying an afternoon of golf. Two guys waiting for a business meeting at a Philadelphia Starbucks, asked to leave, then the police called.

What next? A black family arrested for watching a hockey game?

Meanwhile, what’s the common denominator here? Being where one supposedly doesn’t belong. A pool in a wealthy area. A golf course. The message seems clear. Stay in your place. Or else.

Where do these bigoted creeps get the gall to act out in public what many of them just used to whisper in private?

The two men at Starbucks, Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson, recently reached a settlement with Philadelphia. Although they had a good case, they agreed to a symbolic payment of $1 each to prove wrongdoing, then asked Starbucks and the city to help fund a $200,000 grant program for high school entrepreneurs.

They followed former first lady’s Michelle Obama’s advice. When they go low, we go high.

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3 Responses to Summer 2018: Beach, Barbeques and Bias?

  1. Andrew Ross says:

    Scanning the globe to find stories Vogel attempts to prove how biased and cruel the white man is while presenting only one side to several stories. If i was running a private pool, I wouldn’t want to to open the pool to the public. Maybe many white people have also been asked for ID, did you ever think of that? What did Hostin say to the teens and how do you know the teens were implying anything racist in “her” account? I’ve never been in starbucks but I’ve been in other places where i bought something and couldn’t find a seat because it was occupied by non paying customers and i was annoyed. The golf nonsense story isn’t worth commenting on. The common denominator here is exploitation by these particular people of color (who we really know nothing about) and naive morons like Vogel drawing conclusions. Since i was born and raised in NYC in 1955, I personally have witnessed only a handful of what I would call biased incidents by whites against blacks. But I have witnessed black intimidation, violence and crime against whites very often. And so has anyone who ever went to NYC public schools, playgrounds, parks, streets, mass transit, etc. But this in Vogel’s world would never be construed as bias against whites because he’s a liberal progressive who thinks blacks are inferior.
    This is the type of reporting we get from our mainstream news media as well regarding the President. Biased.

    • Mike Vogel says:

      I was also born and raised in NYC (Brooklyn) and have witnessed the type of intimidation and violence you mention. But I’m talking about the recent rash of such bias incidents (even more against Hispanics), and sorry, believe our president’s nasty rants about people of color and “shithole” countries has empowered bigots to act out their hate in public. It’s wrong no matter who does it, but the recent slew of such stories was hard to ignore. BTW, I’m anything but soft on crime, no matter who commits it. Thanks for writing.

  2. Jay Becker says:

    Regarding Beach Barbecues and Bias-You are correct in condemning these actions but with one exception where major condemning is required: “FIVE African American women playing golf too slowly!!” Of course they were criticized- A FIVESOME? No wonder they were slow. This is one of the most egregious violations of golf protocol-they were lucky they weren’t banned for life from that course. Wait until the various golf associations hear of this. They committed a major violation by having five people together on the course, which impacts on all the golfers behind them. Racism has nothing to do with this and the starter, or any ranger should have intervened.

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