On Presidents Day, Trump Dishonors Past Leaders

Monday is Presidents Day, established to honor George Washington, later adding Abraham Lincoln and all past presidents.

After leading the colonies to victory over the British and becoming our first president, Washington worked hard to set a template of fairness and integrity for commanders in chief. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump often disregards and dishonors Washington’s vision.

Washington helped establish our democracy, and appointed Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and other capable leaders to the country’s first Cabinet.

Meanwhile, Trump bashes the news media, demeans the FBI and intelligence agencies, and appointed fawning toadies to his Cabinet. The 2017 video of Trump going around a conference table as his groveling appointees paid Soviet-style tribute to him still makes me cringe.

His latest notion is to hold a military parade on Pennsylvania Avenue. The fact that 89 percent of Military Times readers say no to the idea doesn’t seem to faze him.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), a former Army lieutenant colonel, tweeted: “We don’t live in a dictatorship or monarchy. I swore on an oath — in the military and the Senate — to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not to mindlessly cater to the whims of Cadet Bone Spurs and clap when he demands I clap.”

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had his uncle killed after he allegedly confessed to planning a coup and for half-hearted applause for Kim, according to the country’s news agency. Trump suggested some Democrats were “treasonous” because of their stony reaction to his State of the Union address. Of course, things like military parades take the focus off real acts of possible treason, like conspiring with Russia in the 2016 race.

If Trump truly cares about our military, he can use the money he’d waste on a Third World-style military parade to care for homeless vets. But if he forces his parade plans, perhaps we’ll get to see Trump review the troops in full military regalia, sporting gleaming medals for hugest lie or biggest ego.

Presidents Day is intended to honor past presidents and the democracy they defended. Unfortunately, Trump’s behavior often seems to undermine the nation’s principles.

Luckily, presidents come and go. American democracy is — hopefully — forever.

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One Response to On Presidents Day, Trump Dishonors Past Leaders

  1. I’m in so total agreement with you in terms of your remarks re: trump and his racist, treacherous ways toward the people of this Democratic country whom he dishonors more and more each day!

    Trump has NEVER had to sacrifice for anything. He’s a big baby who throws tantrums via his tweeting, who makes threats against hardworking immigrants, who doesn’t delegate honorably or justly except when it comes to those in his inner circle. Look at his track record for those whom he has hired – they are crooks, abusers, liars, money-hungry, dishonorable people.
    I think sometimes that Trump thinks he’s doing The Apprentice show from the White House, and feels he’s above the law, above God. He needs to be impeached, and made accountable for all his actions. He’s such a fraud that members of his own party are distancing themselves from him.
    He’s the President of the US and is mocking all the ForeFathers who actually, physically, fought in wars, putting their lives on the line for freedom and democracy. How dare he?!!

    Frances G.
    Morning side Heights, West Harlem

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