A President Rages as the Noose Tightens

The president is still furious.

The Washington Post and The New York Times won’t let up on what they call “illegal activity” conducted by people on his campaign team. Worse, they now suggest that the president may be involved in what some call a betrayal of our democracy.

This is all fake news, he screams, as White House staff hear him rage through the doors of the Oval Office. He was not involved in wrongdoing, he says over and over. The lying press is our enemy!

But now, a special prosecutor is involved, and calling witnesses, as the noose slowly tightens. Will those closest to him take a plea deal and spill the beans? Whom can he trust in his inner circle? And the hardest question: Is he legally liable, and can he actually be impeached?

An aide testifies that not only did the president know all about these illegal activities, but that he might have secretly recorded all Oval Office conversations. If the special prosecutor gets his hands on these recordings, it indeed could be grim news for the president.

A few advise that before things get out of hand, he should fire the special prosecutor. Most on his legal team say that would only make it worse.

The president fires him anyway. A constitutional crisis erupts. All congressional business freezes, and the stock market plummets. The president appears to be in full meltdown, alternately screaming and teary-eyed.

The Democrats introduce a resolution for the president’s impeachment. A few Republicans decide to put patriotism over party and join them. The president’s poll numbers hit bottom. A bipartisan congressional delegation tells the president it has counted the potential impeachment votes, and he is doomed.

Realizing all hope of surviving the scandal has vanished, the president resigns, angrily proclaiming his innocence to the end. Protesters outside the White House gates chant, “Jail to the chief!”

Richard Nixon’s helicopter takes off from the White House lawn, as he waves defiantly. Gerald Ford is sworn in as president. The Watergate scandal has finally come to an end. Our long national nightmare is over.

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2 Responses to A President Rages as the Noose Tightens

  1. Peter Turco says:

    Now there you go again–premature comparisons. The Watergate crowd was wrapped much more tightly then this bunch. They were with Nixon in office for a very long time and were relatively loyal. This crew is splintered, fragile and likely to be more and more frightened, I think. When you have to cater to that Personality disorder, which makes narcissistic seem mild, it’s a nearly impossible task and, eventually, everyone will be looking out for themselves.

    Wait until the lower level staff finds out that they have to pay for their own attorneys. I think there will be less and less investment in adhering to the purple-assed baboon as it becomes clearer that allegiance to him will spell doom (See last nights election results).
    Wait until his paranoia really kicks in. You might see a steady stream of bedsheets tied together out of the back windows of the White House. This is going to make Watergate look like Woodstock.

  2. Greg Jacobson says:

    Well done, Mike!

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