Disowning the NYer in DC

Through the movies, TV, and real life, New Yorkers have long been stereotyped as brash, cynical and tough. From Bruce Willis’ wise guy hero in the Die Hard series to Joe Pesci’s vicious mobster in Goodfellas, these in-your-face guys were portrayed as quintessential New Yorkers.

Born in Queens with a silver spoon in his mouth, Donald Trump always admired and imitated those tough-talking New York street “killers,” as he calls them. The president has surrounded himself with such types, from his snarling lawyers to foul-mouthed Anthony Scaramucci. “The Mooch” was fired Monday as White House communications director at the request of new chief of staff John Kelly, as late night comedians wept.

Sure, as a group, New Yorkers can be blunt, brash, and occasionally ill-mannered. We are also intellectually curious, honest and caring. Which characteristics would you say best describe our president?

I’ve lived in New York all my life and appreciate our directness and savvy. As former Mayor Mike Bloomberg said, we have a unique ability to recognize a con when we see one.

New Yorkers are known for telling it like it is. Trump lies about virtually anything, from his inauguration crowd size to President Obama being a Kenyan.

But is Trump really one of our own? It appears New Yorkers don’t think so, since four of five voted against him for president. From bragging about groping women to humiliating his staff, Trump’s bullying behavior has earned the scorn of most locals.

On the other hand, four of five white Evangelicals voted for Trump. According to the Martin Marty Center for the Study of Religion, the number one reason white Evangelical pastors gave for voting Trump was the “personal character of the candidate.” Seriously?

Trump’s latest scapegoating involves banning transgender people from the military, as leaders from the so-called family values crowd cheer him on. Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, “applauds President Trump for his courageous decision,” as did Tony Perkins, president of the American Family Research Council.

By overwhelmingly supporting Donald Trump, the religious right has embraced a man whose vulgar, mean-spirited behavior clearly contradicts its supposed values. Why? To punish “sinners,” and push the country in the political direction they desire.

And New Yorkers are the cynics?


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3 Responses to Disowning the NYer in DC

  1. Rob says:

    Mike Vogel: Your crappy articles only go to show you are among the minority in this country who can’t get over the devastating losses of the liberal Democratic Party. I’m sure you are enjoying the record setting stock market and all that comes with it. You libs are hypocrit. Your a playwright not the president of this great country. In other words you are a f—ing joke. Keep up your writings ,real Americans love to see you libs suffer.


  2. June says:

    Your article about Trump was spot on. Everything you described was accurate and what a flawed President he is. Keep up the good work.
    Thank you,

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