The Warmongers are Back, Wrong and Strong

Not long after NYC was attacked on 9-11, President Bush decided to invade Iraq, despite the fact that nation had nothing to do with the horror.

Egged on by vice president Dick Cheney, whose company Halliburton profited greatly from the war, Bush took us on a fool’s errand, costing thousands of lives and two trillion dollars. The administration not only lied about Iraq’s involvement in 9-11, but about that nation having weapons of mass destruction, to justify this foolhardy incursion.

And now it gets worse. Iraq is being overrun by a group of vicious insurgents sprung from Al Queda, and those who originally destabilized the nation are now saying we should get back into the fray__the same guys who installed, then desperately propped up, a corrupt puppet regime there. Why does this all seem so familiar?

Fifty years ago, we supported another corrupt regime in Vietnam, in another futile colonial war. But nothing ever stops these misguided warmongers, then or now. Admit they were wrong, or heaven forbid, say I’m sorry? Don’t hold your breath.

These same armchair warriors are now desperately trying to pin this latest nightmare on President Obama for withdrawing troops in 2011, as we promised.  What they willfully ignore is that Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting for centuries, which would start up again immediately after we left, whether that be in 2011 or 2031.

I have my own issues with the President, but watching Cheney and his rat pack that got us into this mess along with House Speaker John Boehner snidely pontificate in the media about how this is all Obama’s fault makes my blood boil.

It’s high time for these chickenhawks to either shut their mouths, or march themselves over to Iraq for the fight they are itching for. Funny, I don’t see them or any of their sons and daughters volunteering to serve, but as long as it’s poor and working class American kids giving life and limb for what anyone with half a brain knows is a lost cause, full speed ahead!

The damage is already done. Can’t they now at least have the decency to cut the petty sniping and support the president in his efforts to clean up the mind-boggling mess they created?


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4 Responses to The Warmongers are Back, Wrong and Strong

  1. Bob G says:

    An outstanding column and an important American history lesson. This should be mandatory reading for all members of Congress.

  2. Thank you for your well-placed and clearly expressed outrage, Mike.

  3. Fromtheheartland says:

    Well said. The neocons make my blood boil too. Paul Bremer was on Morning Joe this morning and it was all I could do to not throw my coffee at the tv set. They should STFU!

  4. paul anderson says:

    Well said, Mike. Those who don’t learn their history are doomed to repeat it…..

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