Christie’s American Hustle

Who is the real Chris Christie?

The petty, vindictive bully who allegedly retaliated against a Democratic mayor who had the gall not to support him for reelection by crippling traffic on the George Washington Bridge?

Or the brave politician who was noble, caring and above politics during Superstorm Sandy?

New Jersey Governor Christie is far from the only politician with a devil and angel sitting on either shoulder.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani was heroic and gallant during the 9-11 attacks. He also paraded his mistress around in public while still married and had the NYPD walk her dog.

Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace as NY Governor after a prostitution scandal. As the state’s attorney general, he was virtually the only one to go after the Wall Street con artists before they obliterated the U.S. economy.

And Anthony Weiner was an effective congressman before… well, you know the rest.

But if ongoing probes directly connect Christie to the bridge fiasco, he may turn out to be the ultimate example of someone whose baser instincts destroyed a promising career.

Partisan politics is killing this country. People are hungry for the rare politician who rises above it and doesn’t see opponents as an enemy to be humiliated and destroyed. When Christie didn’t play politics with Superstorm Sandy, his approval ratings soared.

Now it appears he’s fallen back on his petty, bullying ways, and his likeability ratings have dropped. Think other politicans will learn from this lesson? Don’t hold your breath.

Christie was quick to throw his deputy chief of staff under the bus__she initiated the lane closures that snarled traffic in Ft. Lee__calling her “stupid” during his self-pitying news conference last week. But if you think his staff acted independently of their control freak boss, or believe Christie’s claim of ignorance, I’ve got a bridge to sell you  named after an American icon famous for saying “I cannot tell a lie.”

Come on, Chris. Four days of not responding to the Ft. Lee mayor and others begging for help, except for bits of sarcasm? How stupid do you think we are?

Perhaps this storm will blow over without further damage to Christie’s reputation, and he will continue in his quest to be president.

Or perhaps it will end with Christie thinking about his one shining moment during Sandy when he is impeached. With that devil on his shoulder laughing in triumph.

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2 Responses to Christie’s American Hustle

  1. Reba Shimansky says:

    Contrary to what Mike Vogel writes Chris Christie is no Sandy hero.
    He used Sandy federal funds to finance his political ads during his re-election. The rest of the Sandy funds have not gone to those affected by the hurricane.
    As for Bridgegate anyone who thinks Chris Christie did not know about Bridgegate then I have a bridge between NJ and NY I would like to sell you.
    Christie ran a top down organization filled with yes men and women. They would never do anything that would displease him and get them fired..

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