Helllooo! There’s a Mayoral Election Going On.

Most New Yorkers are sharp. They are savvy. They…have no idea who is running for mayor. You read that right. According to a recent poll by The New York Observer, the majority of New Yorkers__55%__can’t name a single candidate. Not one.

Not good.

Among the remaining minority, the name that came up most was Anthony Weiner. When it came to face recognition, a slight majority did identify one candidate. Yep, you got it__Weiner again. About half recognized Christine Quinn, and most were uncertain about all the others.

Meanwhile, 76% recognized Kim Khardasian. Insert your own joke here.

But we are not totally unaware. A Quinnipiac poll taken earlier this month shows New Yorkers strongly believe legalizing medical marijuana is “a good idea” by an overwhelming 70% to 26%. Yep, no uncertainty about that one.

So why don’t we all put down our bongs and find out more about who’ll be leading this city, before it’s too late.

As we increasingly become a celebrity culture__with the definition of “celebrity” expanded to no-talent reality show “stars” as well as politicians who tweet crotch photos__more of them run for office. Name and face recognition is vital, as shown by Weiner’s leap to the top of the polls. You want to run because you have some great ideas? Sorry, never heard of you!

Americans have already elected a B-movie actor president (Ronald Reagan), a bodybuilder-actor and a wrestler as governors (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura) and a former comic U.S. Senator (Al Franken). We almost put a vapid former beauty pageant contestant a heartbeat from the presidency (Sarah Palin).

But we New Yorkers are better than that__aren’t we? We’d never elect Mayor Donald “Celebrity Apprentice” Trump or Mayor Naked Cowboy.

Please tell me I’m right.

We’re now into summer, and the mayoral primary will be here before we know it: September 1oth. Don’t you think more of us should at least know who’s running?

How many can you name?

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One Response to Helllooo! There’s a Mayoral Election Going On.

  1. Bunny says:

    Re AM-NY column :There Is An Election Going On (6/28). It reminds me that the situation is getting worse. In past years whenever “man on the street” polls ask young men and women about elections, they either have never heard of the names or else they connect to something altogether different. These are the people who are voting? It’s no wonder those who are getting elected do not deserve to be. It’s a downward spiral. God help us.

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